My Genealogy Do-Over

I started this project with great expectations for myself and my family tree, never expecting to be thrown a fastball that would nail me straight in the heart.

The same day that I began the “Do-Over” I had a mammogram done. Five days ago I learned that there is something wrong and I need further testing. For five days I have been an emotional wreck, unable to focus on my to-do list. I have tried, but in beginning my research from scratch I am focusing on my birth family, essentially, my Mom’s life, which ended with breast cancer.

So, I have revamped my to-do list to not include dates that I expect to have the task done. By doing this I can work at my own pace, right down the list. I’m certain I won’t be ready for week three assignments, but rather than focus on being behind I will focus on adding to my list of priorities.

Cheers to a good run at working hard on something that does matter, but first working on being around long enough to work on it! 🙂


Let the games begin

With the new year some of us, well, most of us have made New Year’s Resolutions. With today being the fifth of the month I’m curious as to how many have actually followed through on any and/or all resolutions?

My biggest resolution was to get my genealogy information organized. However, with the children on Christmas break my resolution was placed on hold until today. Yet, Mother Nature despises any manner of controlling things and gave us a storm to tear up my day. All three children are home from school (no rest for the weary), so organization is still … um, uh, a dream away.

My plan is to inventory my current holdings, organize them, and set up research plans for future wayward trips through the vast holdings of the Internet. I had offered up five days to do such, now it looks as if I only have four days to work on it.

The Wayward Genealogist is not a giver upper though, so bring on the challenge of Genealogical Common Sense of 2015!