My Genealogy Do-Over

I started this project with great expectations for myself and my family tree, never expecting to be thrown a fastball that would nail me straight in the heart.

The same day that I began the “Do-Over” I had a mammogram done. Five days ago I learned that there is something wrong and I need further testing. For five days I have been an emotional wreck, unable to focus on my to-do list. I have tried, but in beginning my research from scratch I am focusing on my birth family, essentially, my Mom’s life, which ended with breast cancer.

So, I have revamped my to-do list to not include dates that I expect to have the task done. By doing this I can work at my own pace, right down the list. I’m certain I won’t be ready for week three assignments, but rather than focus on being behind I will focus on adding to my list of priorities.

Cheers to a good run at working hard on something that does matter, but first working on being around long enough to work on it! 🙂